Who is the designer offering the Mobile Solar Trailer with Active Tracking?


Designer: James D. Perkins

Degree: Electrical Engineer

College: The Citadel

Any comments or questions can be sent to the email address:

After a long process of hands on experience while pursuing my Electrical Engineering degree I graduated from The Citadel.  I did not attend as a cadet since I had prior military experience, I attended as a veteran student.

I have worked for several companies, GE-Fanuc, Corning Fiber Optics, CAE Marine Systems, and US Air Force, to name a few.


This trailer project started out with a need to provide power while camping.  I did not want to design a system to make the bare minimum for one specific application, I wanted to design a system to generate as much power and storage possible in a trailer-able system.
Updated 08/08/2002