SunSeeker W/Active Tracking


DSCN0515.JPG (159164 bytes) Finally the trailer is together!  As you can see a standard trailer with the Solar Array covering the top of the 8 ft X 12 ft trailer.

A better side view showing all the doors. This side of the trailer is mainly for storage of tools, wiring, ect for trailer upkeep.  The opposite side is available for your stuff like tools, lights, and anything else you would need to take with the trailer.

The white sign is magnetic and covers the grill for ventilation of the LP Generator.  The sign would be removed when the generator is used.  The magnet signs cover the vents when towing down the road.  Another vent is on the other side.  Both doors allow access to the generator.



DSCN0516.JPG (166716 bytes)

DSCN0518.JPG (169929 bytes) The back of the trailer holds the Electrical System.  This includes all breakers, inverter, charge controller, and displays.  You can see a clear window to the displays for the inverter, Solar Array charge controller, and battery monitor.

A close up of the displays.  The top left is the charge controller display.  The top right is the battery monitor,  The bottom is the inverter control.  

Oh did I mention that the display is contained in a remote box that can be removed from the trailer up to 45 feet away for monitor and control of the system.  This would include starting the generator with a push of a button.


DSCN0521.JPG (160372 bytes)

The pictures to the left show the receptacles which are located on the back corners of the trailer.  

Both sides contain the following:

  • 2 each 120 volt/ 20 amp receptacle.
  • 1 each 120 volt/ 30 amp twist lock receptacle.
  • 1 each 120 volt/ 30 amp RV receptacle.
  • The right side contains an extra pin and sleeve receptacle to connect to a building service to power through the system and charge the batteries or sell back power.  The red handle is a disconnect switch that will not allow it to be turned on unless the plug is inserted.


LtRecept.jpg (120335 bytes)RtRecept.jpg (124782 bytes)


DSCN0522.JPG (169142 bytes) The whole top of the trailer holds the Solar Array.  It is made up of 12 solar panels of 75 watts each for a total of 900 watts.

So as the trailer is being towed down the road it is still charging.



Different angle to see the top of the array retracted within its protective trim. DSCN0517.JPG (179851 bytes)


DSCN0525.JPG (167681 bytes) The Solar Array is shown elevated and tilted to track the sun.  The tilt is to the South and the array will rotate about the mast to follow the sun from East to West.  Ideally the trailer should be positioned so the tilt faces South so the rotation from East to West can happen within the 270 degrees of rotation.

This tracking will gain 30% more power than a fixed array of equal size.  The array will rotate and tilt to track the sun automatically.


Another angle with the array extended.

When ready to move the trailer there are controls to lower the array back to the top of the trailer.

This makes the whole system convenient for towing and also makes as much power from the sun as possible.

I told you it would be worth the wait.  I hope you like my SunSeeker w/Active Tracking.


DSCN0523.JPG (161071 bytes)
Updated 11/10/2002