The Solar Trailer is available for rental. Please contact us and we will be happy to work up a quote for your event.


A NEW Solar Trailer similar to the one shown is approximately $41,000.

New builds: (larger quantities will drive down the price for all and the cost savings will be past on to the customers)  I hope to bring down the cost to around $25,000 plus or minus $5000 (price subject to change)

Down Payment: 50%


A down payment of half the purchase price is required.  The down payment will not be touched until the trailers start construction. 

All down payments will be 100% refundable until construction starts.  After construction starts there can be no refund.

Any comments or questions can be sent to the email address: designer@jdperk.com  

The initial time estimate for new construction after all parts are in-stock should be 4 weeks to 8 weeks per trailer.  With the assumption of building several at a time.  So two or more can be completed at the same time.

I will warranty all parts and labor for one year after purchase.  After the year I will offer technical support for the life of your ownership of the Solar Trailer.

Updated 04/29/2009